1. Planning finalized…

    Tomorrow I will be leaving for a road trip, so for the next two weeks I will not be posting here, but on my travel blog whereiskp (http://whereiskp.tumblr.com/) 

  2. Night and Day


  3. Thank you, Lensblr for the re-blog of my photo “Little Red Lighthouse…”, and thanks for all the likes!

  4. Have a good Labor Day Weekend!

    (as far as you’re in the U.S., otherwise: have a good regular weekend!)

  5. Midtown Manhattan from Dawn to Dusk

    Trying my hand on some time lapses, here’s one of my first attempts.

  6. In a forgotten corner of Grand Central

  7. The Unisphere

  8. The Unisphere in Corona Park, Queens, built for the 1964/65 New York World’s Fair

  9. From Day to Night: George Washington Bridge

  10. George Washington Bridge, from the New York side